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Sun glare happens when the sun’s low in the sky and it is more likely to be a problem at this time of year during September, October and November. Here are our tips so you can drive safely in the Autumn and Winter sun.

It can cause serious accidents where oncoming drivers cannot see you approaching if they are driving into sun glare. If the sun is in your eyes, you may not see pedestrians, cyclists or fast braking traffic.

To improve vision and reduce the risk of accidents when there is sun glare:

  • Keep a pair of sunglasses in the car, preferably polarising ones
  • Use the sun visors to provide better contrast for your eyes
  • Clean your windscreen thoroughly, both inside and out, removing the dead insects and leaves off the outside and the hazy film that builds up inside. The inside of the windscreen can look opaque when the sun catches it which means you literally can see nothing in front of you for a second or two.
  • Sort out glass scratches and chips as they can make the sun glare appear dangerously distracting.
  • Top up your windscreen fluid so you can keep the glass clean as you drive, reducing the risk of sun glare. Use a winter screen wash additive that helps keep the windscreen clean – check your car’s handbook if you’re not sure where to top it up.
  • Check and replace your windscreen wiper blades if they’re worn, damaged, or more than a couple of years old.

Sun glare driving tips for Autumn and Winter

If you have checked the things above to make your car safer for driving in sun glare, you should also:

  • Slow down if you’re dazzled.
  • Use headlights to help others see you.
  • If the sun’s behind you, the sun glare is in the eyes of the drivers coming towards you.
  • If the sun’s in your eyes it’s likely to be blinding drivers behind you too, which means you need bigger gaps to allow for delayed braking reactions.

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