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As the weather gets colder and we wake to the beauty of frost and a frozen windscreen, how do you clear ice from it?

Top 3 tips on clearing ice

Here are 3 essential tips on how to remove the ice:

  1. Start the engine and turn on the windscreen blowers and demisters if you have them. If you leave your car unattended, lock it with the spare key to stop theives getting in. If your blowers or heaters aren’t working properly, get in touch and call us, Martin Adams on 01628850000.
  2. Scrape the worst of the ice off using an ice scraper from somewhere like Halfords or in the absence of that, use a credit card or wooden spatula! If you’re on your return journey from work and haven’t got these things handy, you could use a CD case or a ruler from your child’s schoolbag.
  3. Dissolve the ice with a deicing spray or use warm water (not hot as that might crack your screen). You’ll need quite a lot of water but you can fill up empty bottles you may have been recycling like wine or tonic ones.

Clear ice from ALL of  your windscreen

Did you know that clearing the ice from only the driver’s side of the windscreen is not enough ? You must de-ice the entire area, using the wipers when the ice has melted.

So even if you’re running late, please don’t clear just enough glass to see out of. This “portholing” of ice could get you  fined £60 if your vehicle’s deemed to be in a “dangerous condition”. You may even face three penalty points.

By law, the driver must have a full view of the road and traffic ahead of the motor vehicle. Take the extra minutes to fully clear your windscreen and your mirrors too. You’ll make up the lost time in being able to drive more confidently and can save yourself many hours and hundreds of pounds of insurance hassle by avoiding an accident!

To wrap up, sit back and enjoy this frost appear before your eyes in this amazing video called “FROSTYLAPSE”


Happy scraping and safe driving!